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Trading Room and Subscription FAQ

***(Everything that you wanted to know but were afraid to ask because of CB's whip sound file!!)


CB does NOT take requests in the trading room.  She is only available for questions during her main trading room segment, or in the members breakout sessions, not the rest of the session. You can also post a question in her forum if you are a member of the site.  


Note to trading room members:  Please read this before asking any questions in the trading room so our moderators can focus on their work throughout the day rather than answering questions that are already answered here!!  


What is included in the basic subscription to Fibonacciqueen.com??

The basic subscription $79.00 per month (without the trading room) includes the end of day video which lasts from 20-30 minutes typically each day and includes multiple trade setups in the stocks and ETF's.  It also includes all the chart snapshots for the next session which can be downloaded each dayThe basic subscription also includes all the past MEMBER WEBINARS and TUTORIALS along with any new webinars.  You will also have access to the Members FORUM where you can either talk to other subscribers or ask CB a question. 

Where is the link to the $7.00 30 day trial??  (REMEMBER you only need ONE subscriptions that INCLUDES the trading room)



If I also subscribe to the live trading room, what should I expect??



****CB DOES NOT TAKE STOCK/ETF REQUESTS IN THE TRADING ROOM DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS. She will only consider them if they are posted on her forum and if they fit the CRITERIA. (Liquid options and not near earnings and above $30.00) ****

***Note that the trading room is a joint venture and SHARED room with Simpler Options.com, the site memberships are separate. You only need ONE membership that includes the trading room subscription to take part in the room.*** You will find the LINK for the trading room along with the current password by logging into the member area of the site.  www.fibonacciqueen.com/members/main.cfm ; After logging into the room, please click "Screen" above then select a presenter to view charts.  Carolyn's charts will be under FIBQUEEN in the drop down box next to "WATCH" when she is sharing.  Typically you will see 6 charts on here screen with the symbol in the upper left hand corner of each chart. The rest of the chart setups will be on the END OF DAY video. You can also "watch" the charts of the other moderators by choosing them in the dropdown box.  Carolyn may display her charts around 10-10:30 AM  Central time.   She will be available most sessions (unless traveling or on vacation)  and typically does a review of the charts she is sharing with BOTH sites around 10:30 AM Central time unless she is off the schedule. If you want to hear about the charts she is going over, please show up around that time.   ***Don't expect CB to answer questions that are already answered in this FAQ***.   ****Don't expect her to be available to answer questions all day as she is updating her charts, writing articles etc in the background and NEEDS to focus on that after her morning presentation.****

AUDIO in the room:

Please note there is not audio commentary throughout the entire day. Most days, Henry will moderate the room for the first hour of the cash session and  Henry or John will typically come back in the last 1/2 hour of the cash session. John Carter will typically come in a few days a week mostly in the afternoon though there is no "set" schedule for him.  All of the moderators have OTHER responsibilities during the day, so during the down time when they are not in there, feel free to share amongst yourselves.  

***IF anyone is speaking, you will see a microphone in the bottom left hand or your browser with the NAME of the person speaking***   (If you don't see that, don't expect to have any sound.)


***In this trading room, Carolyn's time commitment is to go over the trading room charts ONCE a day around 10:30 AM Central as long as she is not traveling or taking a vacation day.  The REST of the setups will be on the end of day video. She will not share ALL the video setups in the room as not everyone in the room is a Fibonacciqueen.com subscriber.  If you are a subscriber and have a question about one of the current setups, please post a question in the FORUM on the main page. Consider all the REST of the work that she shares during the day as a BONUS and NOT officially a part of the service. ***This is NOT like CB's OLD chat room. Do NOT expect her to have charts up at the open, be updating them all day long OR taking requests for specific stocks, as she has many other responsibilities during the trading day.***  


If I belong to Fibonacciqueen.com, do I have access to the Simpler Options website and videos?

No these are separate subscriptions. If you are interested in a trial of the Simpler Options Videos use the link below:  



Where can I find the guidelines Fibqueen keeps talking about?


Make sure you read the guidelines to understand how to use her work to make money.

What is a "ROYAL" setup?

This is when a trade setup on the daily chart has ALL the moving averages supporting it.  That means for the buy side you have to be above the 200 and 50 simple moving averages AND you also need to have the 5 EMA above the 13 EMA.  For a sell side setup you have to have price below both the 200 and 50 simple moving averages AND the 5 EMA should be below the 13 EMA.  These are some of the highest probability setups (especially if you also have TIMING parameters included).  ***Even though these are higher probability setups, entries should still be made on pullbacks and you should STILL be very cautious if you are up at EXTENSIONS where moves tend to terminate. So even though you may have ALL the moving averages on your side, if you are at extensions/targets, then THAT will work against you. Remember to wait for pullbacks so you have the EDGE!!.***

What does it mean when she talks about Fibonacci TIMING cycles??

If you are moving into a Timing cluster, the odds for a reversal of the trend INTO the cycles is higher than usual.  For example, if you are trading lower into a time cluster, be alert to a possible reversal to back up.  If you are trading higher into a time cluster, then be alert to a possible reversal back down.  Look at these cycles as resistance to a move continuing. ***If you look at the name of the histogram on the chart and it says LOW in the title, she is looking for a low.  Conversely if HIGH is in the title she is projecting for a possible high.***  If the histogram does not make sense with the current direction matching up with the time projection, then IGNORE it since it needs to be updated!!

Why does CB use 39 and 78 minute charts in the trading room?

Since the trading day in stocks is 390 minutes, those two time frames divide equally into that 390 minutes.  This is best for Fibonacci timing work!  (I stole this (borrowed) from John Carter :) )

Does CB post her trades in the room?

Sometimes she will discuss a setup she has taken in the room or in the video, but does not post her trades in the room.  That is NOT part of the service. Each trader should be looking at the setups she provides and then enter for a day trade, scalp OR swing trade depending on their OWN trading parameters. 

How do I find box.com and the password where she posts some charts and who is it available to?

The regular box.com charts are available to both Simpler Options subscribers and Fibonacciqueen.com subscribers. Login to the member area (upper right hand corner of the site) of whichever one you belong to (Simpler Options or Fibonacciqueen.com ) and you will see the link for box.com and the current password.  This password will get updated periodically so KNOW where to find the new one when it changes.  The link to the files is:   

https://www.box.com/fibqueen"> https://www.box.com/fibqueen ;

Member login for the current box.com password for FQ members:


***There is one other box.com folder that is for SUBSCRIBERS ONLY where she will post some charts immediately after the Monday stock picking session.   She may also post the video file from that session that day until the boys in Austin get the streaming link posted later that evening.   The folder link and password for this OTHER box.com folder is posted in the MEMBER area along with the other one


How do I get to watch the Fibonacciqueen.com newsletter??

If you are a newsletter subscriber, as soon as you login to the site,  you will have access to Carolyn's end of day Stock and ETF video which lasts about 15-25 minutes each day.  You can find the video on the main page of the site or under the subscriptions link on the left hand side of the website.  This video provides many trade setups that can be use for swing trades and/or day trades. The video is typically posted within hours of the market close unless CB has appointments or is traveling  and then it will be posted later in the evening. When it is done she posts the link on twitter.  For more information on how to make use of her trade setups, please start by downloading and READING the guidelines: http://www.fibonacciqueen.com/fibqueenguidelines.pdf


You can use HER trading plan within the guidelines to help create your own as USING a written trading plan is strongly suggested!


As members, you will also be able to download the SNAPSHOTS of the chart setups from the video.  There is a link for this directly under the end of day video or with this link below: 



These screenshots can also be found in the MEMBER RESOURCES Download Library on the site


You will also have access to MULTIPLE members webinars in the MEMBER RESOURCE section  that provide hours of education on different topics at



There are also multiple presentations on  http://www.youtube.com   if you search the last name BORODEN on that site. 


There is also a Tutorial section of the site.  These tend to be short and sweet unlike the members webinars!



Last but not least, if you really want to understand the work, your best bet is to read her book!  "Fibonacci Trading - How to master the time and price advantage"




Please make use of this teaching material as it is there for your benefit. 


***Note that the newsletter subscription is designed to provide you with actionable trade setups along with some updates of previous setups.  Even though you can learn some of the techniques from these updates, if you are truly interested in LEARNING how to run the analysis, you can either attend a weekend class when they are held or ask about the mentorships or individual tutoring online or in person in Las Vegas.  Carolyn will provide the setup zones and analysis.  Then it is the subscribers choice how to use these setups according to their own time frame.  For example, some subscribers will only participate in swing setups.  Some traders may only choose to day trade against the levels either in the trading room or from the daily update.  Rather than CB giving specific entries, the guidelines share how you can enter these trade setups on your own according to the time frame you are interested in trading.  She will NOT being providing the actual entries for you.  Most subscribers are using options strategies along with this work and each individual will use this work in a different way.  You can also use the suggestions in the guidelines for initial stops, trailing stops and targets for the trades.   



Carolyn will also periodically post some free charts and/or videos on thestreet.com, twitter under @Fibonacciqueen, her FACEBOOK fan page (Fibonacciqueen) and the CBOE options blog.  http://communities.cboe.com/t5/What-s-On-Our-Minds/bg-p/OfficialBlog/label-name/carolyn%20boroden





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