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Carolyn Boroden

Ideal Trade Setup and TRIGGER entry

This is an example of an ideal trade setup along with a trigger that we saw on 3/13. Key symmetry support was met and we saw a nice buy trigger with a squeeze on the 89 tick chart.


Today's two-step in ES

I didn't know that this zone would definitely stop the market rally. I just knew this was a two-step pattern decision. A failure to clear this resistance today at the 1364.50-1365.50 area, left the ES vulnerable to a resumption of the decline.


Dr. Clayburg's trigger with my work!

Ok..how about a 15-minute cluster setup with a Dr. C trigger!!....This works!!


Setup and TRIGGER!!!

We never know how much a trade setup is going to give us. Sometimes we get stopped out, sometimes if you are good at trade management you get a big chunk of a trade like this. The second chart is David Dubes trigger that he used in today's session and he did rather well with it! Way to go on the discipline...NO WHIP FOR YOU.... :)



Ideal Setup

This is an example of an ideal setup in the ES on a 3 min chart. You had symmetry, pattern, 34 ema and CCI in agreement!!