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What is Fibonacci Time and Price Analysis?

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When most market analysts talk about timing the market, their opinions are often based on calculations made only on the price axis of the market.  Although price action can give important clues as to when a market is likely to top or bottom, a more accurate assessment can be made by also projecting and calculating from the TIME AXIS of the market.  


Synchronicity is defined as "meaningful coincidence."

What we do at Synchronicity is define the important highs and lows in a particular market and then run our projections and calculations using the ratios derived from the Fibonacci # series. We do this on both the price axis and time axis.  When we see a "meaningful coincidence" of either time or price parameters coming together, we identify a potential turning point in a market and a relatively low risk trade setup.

A coincidence of price parameters or time parameters by themselves will identify an opportunity in the market, however when we see trading parameters on both the Time and Price axis come together at the same time, we are looking at our highest probability, lowest risk trade setups in the marketplace.

In the E-mini S&P example above, key Fibonacci price support was tested at the 1184.00-1185.00 area at the same time a Fibonacci "Time Cluster" was also tested. A tradable low developed into these time and price parameters. The initial rally off this time and price setup was 9.75 points.

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