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Welcome to FibonacciQueen.com

Danielle's Doc's

Danielle's insider knowledge of learning Fibonacci Analysis

Other Helpful "Getting Started" Videos:

Triggers and Trading Plans
How to develop a Trading Plan with Fibonacci Zones


The end of day videos are posted on the main page of the website every evening ASAP.  Please use your login and password to view this.  They can now be viewed on an IPAD or IPHONE.  Check the date of the video to see if it is ready for viewing.

Remember to EXPAND the screen if you want the full screen view.


To help you to make money with these updates a PDF and video have been created to help you accomplish this.

You can download the PDF here:


Here is a link to the video:



The current password to view these will be listed in the members area or HERE http://www.fibonacciqueen.com/members/login.cfm

Earnings: Trading a stock through earnings becomes a total crapshoot. Do not take positions through earnings unless

1) You know exactly what you're doing and understand the risks
2) You have a LOW RISK options strategy on and your are OK if you lose 100% of it.

Be aware that there are times when an earnings report can cause a massive price swing in certain stocks!!!