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What Should We Do With NVDA? 12/6/2017
Carolyn Boroden
After making multiple extensions from the last setup, here is another area to consider in this name. . . . keep reading
How Important is a Trigger? 12/5/2017
Carolyn Boroden
It is what tells you that it's worth placing a bet against a Fibonacci price cluster zone! . . . keep reading
I Spy a 2-Step Pattern in Feb Gold 12/4/2017
Carolyn Boroden
I'm not sure it will hold up for the next session, but if it does, we have trading parameters to consider. . . . keep reading
You Don't Have to Keep Positions Overnight 12/1/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Here is a great example of a setup I put out on the alert system today in TLT. . . . keep reading
Is this pullback in FB an opportunity or not? 11/30/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Let's look at a couple of decisions I'm stalking with this pullback in this FANG stock! . . . keep reading
What Is Going On With DIS? 11/29/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Here is a setup that triggered today and it still has higher targets. . . . keep reading
Example of How I Set Up a Trade in Gold Futures 11/28/2017
Carolyn Boroden
We held the zone from yesterday and saw at least a 13 dollar rally. . . . keep reading
Options: Two Trades For the Rest of the Week? 11/22/2017
John F. Carter
With light volume and extended indexes, here is where I'm putting my money for a short-term trade. . . . keep reading
Here is a setup you should stalk in INTC 11/21/2017
Carolyn Boroden
I don't want to enter this trade UNLESS I see a TRIGGER!! . . . keep reading
What Exactly is a ROYAL Setup? 11/20/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Here is a good example of one in YELP. . . . keep reading
Did You See That Rally in AVGO? 11/17/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Well, you had a buy trigger in it yesterday! . . . keep reading
BABA Did Break Some Earlier Support This Week 11/16/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Here is how we have to look at it now! . . . keep reading
Why You Need To Be Nimble If You Counter-Trend Trade 11/15/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Today, this setup play out nicely in the NQ, but you had to be fast and alert! . . . keep reading
STMP was a request for my breakout session today on the short side 11/14/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Here is what I found, as far as a setup is concerned. . . . keep reading
This is a Great Trigger Example in TLT! 11/13/2017
Carolyn Boroden
This is how you make money with this work. . . . keep reading
Let's Revisit the Gold Market 11/10/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Today, we are recapping the analysis in the GLD ETF. . . . keep reading
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