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Here are a few sample videos to give you an idea of the kinds of things you'll find in the Subscribers Area of this site.

These videos are shown as they originally appeared in the members only section of this site.

Euro Futures Follow-Up
Carolyn Boroden
What happened with the symmetry break. . . . keep reading
A Look at Euro Futures
Carolyn Boroden
How to look at symmetry. . . . keep reading
Simpler Options: 2 Pins and a fade
Henry Gambell
Simpler Options: GS and AAPL have very similar setups as we head into tomorrow. Let's review both of those and look at another play in GS that generates some positive theta over the 3 day weekend. . . . keep reading
Simpler Options: My 4 Weekly Income Trades for This Week?
John F. Carter
Weekly income trades are one of my favorites, and I trade them totally different from the directional trades. Here's why. . . . keep reading
Simpler Options: Three Setups For Weekly Income by Friday
John F. Carter
These are my favorite risk to reward income trades setting up for this week. . . . keep reading
Simpler Options: Compare and Contrast
Henry Gambell
Heading into monthly expiration, volatility is one of the most important things to take into consideration. There's not a ton of it out there right now, but knowing when to pick one ticker over another can be the difference between a win and a loss when Friday rolls around. . . . keep reading
March Corn Updated
Carolyn Boroden
How about watching for a secondary entry? . . . keep reading
The Dollar Trade
Carolyn Boroden
This is one we've been stalking for a trigger. . . . keep reading
What About MLM?
Carolyn Boroden
Trading parameters with defined risk. . . . keep reading
Today's Trade in the NASDAQ Futures
Carolyn Boroden
Here is a setup and trigger example to learn from. . . . keep reading
Updating My Work on the SPX Cycles
Carolyn Boroden
Here is the next key decision in S&P futures with this in mind. . . . keep reading
A Couple of Setup Zones in Corn Futures
Carolyn Boroden
Will we see a trigger against one of these key decisions. . . . keep reading
Don't Use TIMING the Wrong Way
Carolyn Boroden
Update on SPX and NDX timing cycles. . . . keep reading
Follow-Up on IWM
Carolyn Boroden
How to REALLY refine your entries! . . . keep reading
IWM Decisions Defining Risk
Carolyn Boroden
Identifying two key areas of support in IWM. . . . keep reading
Symmetry in the Nasdaq Futures
Carolyn Boroden
Symmetry so simple yet so powerful . . . keep reading
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"Nobody has better symmetry than CB!!"
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"Hi, I am a Newbie and have been with CB since Jan 07 and I since then I have improved my Trading alot. Cluster and symmetry are a great help for me for my entries and exits, and now she is on www.tradethemarkets.com. Just for example today on the ER2 cluster at 824.8 I got in and out with a nice 18 tick. Perfect example of CB's work. Thanks CB You are simply great!"
Manoj P.
Chicago, IL