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Here is why I am a cautious bull with tight stops in the S&P 9/20/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Even though the S&P chart is still bullish, we have to be alert to a possible termination of the recent rally. . . . keep reading
I Heard That McDonald's Stock Was Falling Apart... 9/19/2017
Carolyn Boroden
This is what I saw when I looked at the chart. . . . keep reading
I'm Stalking a Possible Opportunity in PCLN Here 9/18/2017
Carolyn Boroden
This is why I'm watching the pullback in PCLN for a possible entry. . . . keep reading
Today I'm Showing You the Setup We Did in the Nasdaq Futures 9/15/2017
Carolyn Boroden
This example shows you a different type of trade entry trigger. . . . keep reading
Remember when we looked at the September futures contract, a couple weeks back? 9/14/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Well, the original time/price low held up but NOW we are getting close to some rather important upside targets! . . . keep reading
Here is a Trade Setup Idea in ADI 9/13/2017
Carolyn Boroden
We see beautiful symmetry and also have the moving averages on our side. . . . keep reading
I Use This Analysis to Initiate or Manage a Trade 9/8/2017
Carolyn Boroden
In this example of WYNN, you need to know the cycles that are coming in! . . . keep reading
Here is a setup and trigger in SBUX 9/7/2017
Carolyn Boroden
This is the target we can look forward to IF we can break the next immediate decision on this video! . . . keep reading
We Were Looking at this Bigger Picture Setup in EXPE 9/6/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Now we can look at a secondary entry on this pullback to the last low. . . . keep reading
PCLN Provided a Setup on the Weekly Chart 9/5/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Let me show you when this triggered an entry. . . . keep reading
We Took a Little Heat in NFLX, But Today We Finally Started Getting Paid! 8/31/2017
Carolyn Boroden
This is the reason why we got into NFLX. . . . keep reading
The Old Trade of the Week in FDX is Starting to Play Out 8/30/2017
Carolyn Boroden
I do have a much higher target, but you still might want to ratchet up stops on longs, for the following reasons. . . . keep reading
When old support has not been taken out ... it's still good for a decision 8/29/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Here is what we are paying attention to in the NQ futures for tomorrow. . . . keep reading
I Have a Support Decision in VEEV 8/28/2017
Carolyn Boroden
We may not see a trigger against this zone in VEEV, but it is worth watching because now we have our risk defined! . . . keep reading
Today I'm showing you how to identify a cluster in NQ 8/25/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Since we saw a nice rally off this area, what should we look at next? . . . keep reading
I have some parameters in NTES 8/24/2017
Carolyn Boroden
Notice that there are both time and price parameters at this recent low in NTES . . . keep reading
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