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Stock & ETF Video Newsletter

Carolyn will scan and analyze a group of stocks and ETF's each day using Fibonacci time and price analysis to identify TRADE SETUPS. There will typically be at least 30 stocks/ETF's focused on in the report every day. Many subscribers will use the OPTIONS market with these setups. New stocks will be introduced as the opportunities unfold. Support and resistance levels will be defined along with Fibonacci timing parameters when appropriate. Current stocks being analyzed are AAPL,BIDU,GOOG, IBM, NFLX, PCLN, AMZN, SPY, TLT, USO, GLD etc.... 

***The purpose of this newsletter is to identify and provide the trader with actionable trading ideas/setups. Although you WILL learn some of her method via these videos, teaching the method she uses is NOT part of the service. If you are more interested in LEARNING how to create your own trade setups using CB's methodology, check out the private mentorship or ask about individual tutoring.***


BONUS SESSIONS:  CB will also do some BONUS sessions during the week in her breakout room.  These are NOT to be considered part of the service.  She will do these additional sessions when she has time, to help subscribers make money with the work.  When her schedule is full or she is traveling they will NOT be held. If you want to submit a TOPIC for a bonus session or members webinar, please post your suggestions in the FORUM. ***These sessions are typically recorded and posted on the site later that day.***


****An optional trading chat room subscription is also available.  This chat room is a JOINT VENTURE with Simpler Options.  Carolyn, Henry Gambell and John Carter of SimplerOptions.com moderate this room at different times during the trading day.  Bruce Wayne and Raghee Horner will also share.  The main room schedule is posted in the member area which you need to login for.  The purpose of the room is to help subscribers to execute and make money with the trade setups.****