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Welcome to Trading with Fibonacci Time and Price Analysis

Learn how to trade using Fibonacci Time and Price Analysis that identifies high probability trade setups with defined risk and profit targets.
Fibonacci based market geometry and symmetry can provide you with the edge you need to succeed in trading the markets. Discover how to use Fibonacci price cluster, symmetry and two-step pattern setups to extract money from the market. Trade using the newsletter setups and trading room, or learn the methodology to create your own setups with a mentorship or private training.


Learn to Use Fibonacci

Fibonacci Trading: How to Master the Time and Price Advantage
By Carolyn Boroden

Fibonacci Trading offers new insight into pinpointing the highs and lows in market trading with a proven approach based on a numeric pattern known as the Fibonacci series.


Stock and ETF Video
Stocks and ETF Update 7/31/2014
Carolyn Boroden
The big question is will we continue to hold above support in the S&P, or will that larger corrective decline finally begin....We have our levels to place bets against! . . . keep reading

Stocks and ETF Update 7/30/2014
Carolyn Boroden
We need to watch the SPX very carefully...If the big cluster of support holds up great...but if it does not...be prepared for a much deeper downside correction! . . . keep reading

Stocks and ETF Update 7/29/2014
Carolyn Boroden
Don't forget to watch the stock pickers session if you have time...there are MORE setups on that video! . . . keep reading


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"I’ve been trading for 14 years. I’ve tried every piece of software out there and attended dozens of workshops. Carolyn’s work is more helpful and accurate than anything I have found."

San Francisco, CA

"Nobody has better symmetry than CB!!"
La Quinta, CA

"Hi, I am a Newbie and have been with CB since Jan 07 and I since then I have improved my Trading alot. Cluster and symmetry are a great help for me for my entries and exits, and now she is on www.tradethemarkets.com. Just for example today on the ER2 cluster at 824.8 I got in and out with a nice 18 tick. Perfect example of CB's work. Thanks CB You are simply great!"
Manoj P.
Chicago, IL