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Fibonacci Queen Carolyn Boroden shares precise Fibonacci stock market predictions on Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money.” Learn how to calculate Fibonacci retracement & extension levels & Fibonacci technical analysis and advanced Fibonacci strategy. Join today to discover how to use Fibonacci retracements for day trading.

Mad Money: Charts suggest Apple’s stock could bottom this week and…

November 7, 2018 — Jim Cramer and technician Carolyn Boroden use the charts to predict upcoming moves in the stock of Apple. [Full text on].

Mad Money: Charts show ‘old-school’ chip stocks like Intel ready to roar

October 2, 2018 — Recently, semiconductor stocks have been on the fritz, so Cramer recruited Carolyn Boroden, the technician behind and his colleague at, to take a closer look at the charts of four major chipmakers: Nvidia, Intel, Texas Instruments and Broadcom. “The charts, as interpreted by Carolyn Boroden, suggest that the neglected ... Read more

Mad Money: Tesla Stock Still Has More Upside

June 19, 2018 — On the worst day this month for the major averages, CNBC’s Jim Cramer wanted to take a step back and get some perspective on some of the market’s hottest stocks. “Based on this precedent, Boroden predicted that Tesla was ready to roar. Sure enough, the stock has already tacked on $108 ... Read more

Mad Money: Recent Market Sell-Off Analysis

April 24, 2018 — Cramer’s charts could signal trouble in the market. But it might be nothing. Recent sell-offs in the market means investors should be cautious, said CNBC’s Mad Money host Jim Cramer. On Tuesday, the yield on the benchmark ten-year treasury was briefly above 3 percent. Even a healthy earnings cycle couldn’t stop ... Read more

The bears took control again today. 3/28/2018

We had 3 nice sell setups in NQ on an intraday basis only! For slow or unreliable internet connections: Download Audio-Only MP3

Mad Money: New Opportunies in Biotech

March 20, 2018 — The beaten down biotech sector may offer more opportunities in this newly volatile market environment. With markets turning more volatile and tech growth stories turning sour, beaten down biotech stocks are getting another look. [Full text on]

Mad Money: Cramer’s charts suggest Netflix, Apple and Facebook’s stocks won’t go much lower

Dec 5, 2017 — Cramer’s charts suggest Netflix, Apple and Facebook’s stocks won’t go much lower   After a brutal rotation out of the technology stocks that came on the heels of the Senate passing its tax reform bill, CNBC’s Jim Cramer wanted to check in with tech. “The big question: when we look back ... Read more

Mad Money: Is Nvidia’s Stock Due For a Pullback?

September 20, 2017 — Is Nvidia’s Stock Due For a Pullback?   With NVDA stock now falling from its highs, Cramer wouldn’t blame investors for feeling uneasy about what’s next. So he enlisted the help of technician Carolyn Boroden, the creator of and one of Cramer’s colleagues at Boroden has a notable track ... Read more

Mad Money: Chipmaker Stocks That Are Telling the Truth

August 15, 2017 — Chipmaker Stocks That Are Telling the Truth   The semiconductor stocks have been trading wildly of late, getting hit in July 2017 and again during last week’s sell-off before bouncing back on Monday. These dramatic moves made Jim Cramer wonder which move was really telling the truth about where the group ... Read more

Mad Money: Why the U.S. dollar might be due for another upswing

May 30, 2017 — Cramer’s charts reveal why the U.S. dollar might be due for another upswing.